How To Get a Certificate Of Conformity

You need to contact your local Intertek country office who will assist you on the step by step procedure in obtaining a Certificate of Conformity. This procedure includes submission of the following documents prior to certification.

  1. Duly filled Request for Certification Form
  2. Commercial Invoice
  3. Test Report (if any) proving compliance with the applicable standards

The following product categories are considered as high risk products:

  • Children Toys
  • Electrical/Electronic products (Sockets, plugs and Adapters, Extension cords, Mobile chargers, Hair dryer, Water Heaters, Heating appliances (heaters))
  • Car Spare parts (Brake pads and filters for all types of vehicles)
  • Car Tyres

The process for certifying these high risk product shipments is as follows:

  • Pre-shipment Inspection of the shipment
  • Pre-shipment Testing (PST) of product sampled from the shipment
  • Sealing of FCL containers and stamping of product packaging/cartons of non-containerized shipments

The process for certifying non-high risk product shipments will be carried out based on route 2 and 3 shipment certification process as applicable. The shipment certification processes for these routes are detailed in the exporter guidelines which is available from our Resource Centre.

The successful Test Reports along with the shipment invoice, inspection report and CoC will be made available electronically to the KSA Customs. A hardcopy of the CoC should be submitted to KSA Customs for clearance of the shipment.

Our video How to Apply for a Certificate of Conformity explains the requirements in more detail or go to our Resource Centre and read the full Exporter Guidelines.

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