Shipment Compliance

Do I Need A Certificate For Exporting To Saudi Arabia?

Products subject to a Certificate of Conformity

Yes –most products require a mandatory Certificate of Conformity, also referred to as a SASO CoC, to enable them to be cleared through Saudi Customs.

High Risk Products

High risk products are products which pose a greater safety risk to consumers because of their nature and therefore such products will require higher level of assessment during the certification process.

High Risk Products In KSA Are:

  • Sockets, Plugs and Adapters
  • Electrical Extension Cords
  • Mobile Chargers
  • Hair Dryer
  • Electrical Water Heaters
  • Heating Appliances (Electrical Heaters)
  • Car Spare Parts (Brake Pads, Oil Filters, Air Filters and Fuel Filters)
  • Car Tyres
  • Children Toys

Energy Efficiency Compliance

A number of products must comply with the Energy Efficiency Requirements in KSA. These products are tested for their performance against the applicable EER technical regulations mandated by KSA in addition to the safety standard requirements.

EER Is Required In The KSA For:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Washing Machines
  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Electric Lamps
  • Electric Motors
  • New Tyres for Vehicles
  • Lighting Luminaires

For the latest list of products under the scope of the EER, refer to the SASO website saso.gov.sa

Some Products Are Exempt From Certificate of Conformity

A CoC is not required for the following products, however Exporters are advised to verify with other KSA ministries for import regulations for these products:

Exempt Products In KSA Are:

  • Sanitary & Phyto-Sanitary Products
  • Sample & Demonstration Products
  • Temporarily Imported Products
  • Medical Products
  • Food Products
  • Defence Products
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